Dear John

Dear John

Vick dogs versus Wilkes County dogs:

“Officials from our organization have examined some of these dogs and, generally speaking, they are some of the most aggressively trained pit bulls in the country,” Wayne Pacelle, the president and chief executive of the Humane Society of the United States, said in a telephone interview…” 

New York Times News Service (Michael Vick dogs)
Published on: 08/01/07

“Those particular fighting dogs in Wilkes County, NC were very, very different than the Vick dogs. Whereas Michael Vick was a pro football player that fought dogs as a hobby, the breeder of these dogs was a globally recognized professional dogfighter. Vick was not a good breeder, and he lost most of his fights. His dogs were a poor representation of true fighting dogs. “

John Goodwin, HSUS

Um. Do you see where you are starting to lose credibility?

Dear John:

“Yes, John Goodwin. Your actions and words are indeed doing irreparable damage to the soul of your organization, and to the good people who still do work within it.”  BadRap

“With ’supporters’ like you, pitbull rescue don’t need no enemies, you know what I’m saying?  Could you go ’support’ something else please?  Preferably something already dead. “ YesBiscuit

“I also find it interesting that on the HSUS’s website, they only applaud the raid, but don’t say anything about the fate of the dogs.” Girl Stand Still

“If you donate to the HSUS I urge you to reconsider. There are organizations who need your money greatly…and they aren’t calling for the death of potentially adoptable dogs simply because of their ancestry.” Stephanie Lam Studio

“When HSUS championed its role in the rescue of the dogs from the fighting operation, the post ended with a reminder that they can “locate and eliminate animal abuse in all of its many manifestations” only if you provide them with “resources” (i.e., money). But I for one put the killing of 127 dogs, including 60 puppies, without so much as considering that many of them could be rehabilitated, into–not outside of–the abuse category.” Animal Rights

“Not allowing (or encouraging) others to evaluate the dogs is costing HSUS infinitely in credibility. A “humane” organization’s first response should not be to “kill” and then ask questions later. It should be to take the steps necessary to save as many lives as is feasible without putting dangerous dogs on the street.”KC Dog Blog

“So yet again, the only ones to really pay a price, the ultimate price, were the only ones we know were innocent.  Everyone else will be able to go on with their lives and who will mourn the dead, the innocents victimized at the hands of man, again and again and killed?” For The Love of the Dog Blog

“I’ve hesitated writing something so negative in the past about HSUS (Humane Society of the United States) because I was hopeful that they were taking some steps forward when it came to helping ALL animals, in particular all dog breeds. But a recent dog fighting case in Wilkesboro, North Carolina has changed my mind.” Help Fido

“I have also terminated my membership with the HSUS as they have just as much blood on their hands as the man who fought these dogs. To think they where supposed to be saving angels for these animals and in the end they where just their murderers. I am ashamed to have ever been involved with the HSUS!!!!” Comment from petition

“The rhetoric used by Goodwin was remarkably damaging, not only to the 146 dogs euthanized in this case–it was damaging to every single person in America who owns an American pit bull terrier. When an HSUS “expert” tells the world that pit bulls bred for fighting are so violent that even the tiniest puppies cannot and should not be saved, it reflects poorly on all of our dogs …

… Needless to say, you’ve lost any support you may have ever had from me, and I will be discouraging my friends and family from supporting your organization as well. No one should support an organization that has no respect or understanding for the animals it allegedly advocates for–particularly when “advocating” means condemning to death. ” B-More Bulldogs

“No matter what the HSUS might have been at one point in time or another, what they are now is a group of con artists, sucking money out of sympathetic donors to ’save dogs’ that they have nothing to do with, no shelter to place them in, and no intention of helping. 

Where I come from, we call that ‘fraud’…” Bullfrog Markets

“First, the Vicktory dogs were the most dangerous dogs in the country.  Then they were just the wimpy pets of a wannabe tough guy.” … “They were nothing compared with all the 8-week-old puppies killed in N. Carolina the other day - now those were some lean, mean fighting machines, I tell you what.” Caveat

“The Humane Society of the United States has just got to grow a brain cell, and realize that pit bulls are DOGS.” Pup Speak

“If one of the progressive voices within the organization isn’t put in job of the HSUS’ John Goodwin very soon, then there really will be no reason for any pet-lover to send this organization a check, despite all their notable accomplishments in other areas.” Pet Connection Blog

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